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Salve Regina FINAL
Itzam Zapata- Ludi, for Soprano and Orchestra
Itzam Zapata- Glitch or the Aesthetics of Failure
Itzam Zapata- Jääkausi
Itzam Zapata: Oscillated Kaleidoscope
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Orchestra and Ensemble

for Orchestra (2017)


Commissioned by Lauri Ahokas
Instrumentation 2222/ 4331/ perc(1)/ Hp/ Str
Duration 10´

for Piano and Orchestra (2016)


Commissioned by Martin Malmgren

Instrumentation 2222/ 2211/ perc(2)/ Str
​Duration. 10´

for Soprano and Orchestra  (2015)


Instrumentation 2221/ 111/ perc(1)/ Hp/  Str
Duration. 10´

for ensemble (2014)

The Poetry of Negation

"Coup de cœur du public" in the FORUM2014
1121/111/ perc(1)/ Piano/Str 2111
Duration. ca 15´

for ensemble (2013)

Blooming Stardust

Instrumentation 1111 / 1111/ perc(2) / Str 2111
Duration. ca 11´

for choir. (2012)

On desire

"Sonic Landscape" prize in the 2nd IFCM Composition Competition 
Duration. ca. 14´

wind orchestra. (2015)

La luz del silencio

Duration. ca. 4´

for choir and wind orchestra. (2012)

Duo Puellae

Duration. ca. 4´

for violin solo, string orchestra and electronics. (2012)


Str. minimun. 65442
Duration. ca. 5´

for String Orchestra. (2012)


Str. minimun. 55432
Duration. ca. 8´

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Chamber Music

for soprano, mezzo-soprano, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 violins, 2 violas, 2 chelos, piano and live electronics (2017)

Psychogenic Aria

Written for Academia Cervantina, conductor Pierre- André Valade
Commissioned by Festival Cervantino and CMMAS,
Duration. ca. 8´

for 2 sopranos, recorder, theorbo and viola da gamba (2017)

Salve Regina

Commissioned by Ave Virgo, Ave Vos. 
Duration. ca. 7

for quarter-tone clarinet, violin and quarter-tone guitar. (2017)

Pseudodoxia Epidemica

Commissioned by Lauri Sallinen and Mikroensemble, Duration. 10´

for flute, clarinet, cello, harp
live electronics and live video. (2016)

Glitch or the Aesthetics of Failure

Written for DefuneEnsemble Duration 14´

chamber opera for flute, clarinet, violin, violonchelo, piano and 2 sopranos (2016)


Libretto by Juho Gröndahl
Duration. 60´

for microtonal septet: flute, clarinet, violin, cello, quarter-tone accordeon,
quarter-tone guitar and quarter-tone piano. (2015)

Written for MikroEnsemble
Duration. 8´

for piano quartet, (2016)


Commissioned as part of winning the Commissioning Composition Competition by Flex Ensemble 
Duration. 12´

for accordion, trombone and tuba (2015)

Camera Obscura

Commissioned by Ella Koura
Duration 12´

for soprano and renaissance lute/theorbo  (2015)


Commissioned by Kaisamaija Uljas.

Duration. 12´

for 2 violins (2015)


Duration. 5´

for alto saxophone and Hammond organ (2014)


Commissioned by Daniel Kientzy and Mathias Leboucher
Duration. ca 5´

for flute, clarinet, violin, violonchelo and piano (2013)

Piñatas, Glitter and Stilettos

1st prize in the Frank Robert Abell Young Composer Competition for New Chamber Music
Duration. 12´

for guitar quartet (2012)

Duration. ca. 8´

for mezzo-soprano and bass clarinet. (2011)


Duration. ca. 13´

for guitar duo. (2009)


Duration. ca. 15´

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for accordion. (2017)


Commissioned by Vincent L’hermet

Recorded by Vincent L’hermet
Duration. ca 6´

for alto saxophone. (2017)


Commissioned by Michele Bianchini

Recorded by Michele Bianchini
Duration. ca 8´

for solo piano (2014)

The fog also dreams

Duration. ca 12´

for bass clarinet and live electronics (2013)

Molinos del pensamiento

Duration. ca 10:30´

for tape. (2012)


Duration. ca. 6´

for guitar solo. (2011-2012)

Tema variado y final

Duration. ca. 12´

for violin solo.  (2011)


For Lea Tuuri 
Duration. ca. 8´

for clarinet solo. (2010)


Duration. ca. 4´

for guitar solo. (2007)

Luz Detenida

Recorded by Nadia Borislova
Duration. ca. 5´ 

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Itzam Zapata


Itzam Zapata (Mexico City, 1989)

Itzam Zapata’s musical ideal is to synthesize all the music he loves, searching for his own liberty of style. His eclectic musical style can freely include Gregorian chants, microtonality, romantic melodic lines, and post serial textures.

Itzam’s decision to search for imaginative eclecticism in music has resonated with audiences worldwide, as he has won numerous competitions, including the 1st prize in the Frank Robert Abell Young Composer Competition for his work Piñatas, Glitter and Stilettos, the Flex Ensemble Commissioning Competition, the “Coup de cœur du public” for his work The Poetry of Negation in the FORUM2014, the “Sonic Landscape” prize in the 2nd IFCM Composition Competition for his work On Desire for choir, among others.

Thanks to his numerous accolades, Zapata’s music has been performed by several ensembles all around the world, including Talea Ensemble, VOCES8, Avanti!, Contemporaneous, Uusinta, Kuopio Symphony Orchestra, Defunensemble, the Ostrobothnia Chamber Orchestra, Flex Ensemble, Orquesta de Camara de Bellas Artes, among others.

Zapata’s music recently has been recorded by the label Tempus Clasico, ArsPublica, Nova Musica among others in Mexico, Italy, and France.

Zapata holds a Master’s degree in Composition from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki where he studied with Lauri Kilpiö. He also studied with Tristan Murail in the Mozarteum in Salzburg and has participated in masterclasses with Hans Abrahamsen, Giovanni Verrando, SergejNewski, Jukka Tiensuu, among others.

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Featured Albums


Cantares mexicanos 

Vincent Lhermet, accordion

Astrid Hadad & Christian Rojas, narrators

Works by Georgina Derbez, Itzam Zapata, Ana Lara, Javier Torres Maldonado, Alejandro Romero, Jorge Torres Saenz, Victor Ibarra.

Mexican contemporary music and aztec poetry in the Nahuatl language.



Michele Bianchini, saxophone

Works by Theocharis Papatrechas, Fabrizio Volpi, Georgia Spiropoulos, Itzam Zapata, Nicolas Tzortzis, Alexander Khubeev, Giovanni Santini, Wei Chieh Lin

Music for Saxophone solo, Grido (Shout) is the culmination of a collaboration carried out with some of the composers I have met.

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