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Orchestra and Ensemble

for Orchestra (2017)


Commissioned by Lauri Ahokas
Instrumentation 2222/ 4331/ perc(1)/ Hp/ Str
Duration 10´

for Piano and Orchestra (2016)


Commissioned by Martin Malmgren

Instrumentation 2222/ 2211/ perc(2)/ Str
​Duration. 10´

for Soprano and Orchestra  (2015)


Instrumentation 2221/ 111/ perc(1)/ Hp/  Str
Duration. 10´

for ensemble (2014)

The Poetry of Negation

"Coup de cœur du public" in the FORUM2014
1121/111/ perc(1)/ Piano/Str 2111
Duration. ca 15´

for ensemble (2013)

Blooming Stardust

Instrumentation 1111 / 1111/ perc(2) / Str 2111
Duration. ca 11´

for choir. (2012)

On desire

"Sonic Landscape" prize in the 2nd IFCM Composition Competition 
Duration. ca. 14´

wind orchestra. (2015)

La luz del silencio

Duration. ca. 4´

for choir and wind orchestra. (2012)

Duo Puellae

Duration. ca. 4´

for violin solo, string orchestra and electronics. (2012)


Str. minimun. 65442
Duration. ca. 5´

for String Orchestra. (2012)


Str. minimun. 55432
Duration. ca. 8´

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Chamber Music

for soprano, mezzo-soprano, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 violins, 2 violas, 2 chelos, piano and live electronics (2017)

Psychogenic Aria

Written for Academia Cervantina, conductor Pierre- André Valade
Commissioned by Festival Cervantino and CMMAS,
Duration. ca. 8´

for 2 sopranos, recorder, theorbo and viola da gamba (2017)

Salve Regina

Commissioned by Ave Virgo, Ave Vos. 
Duration. ca. 7

for quarter-tone clarinet, violin and quarter-tone guitar. (2017)

Pseudodoxia Epidemica

Commissioned by Lauri Sallinen and Mikroensemble, Duration. 10´

for flute, clarinet, cello, harp
live electronics and live video. (2016)

Glitch or the Aesthetics of Failure

Written for DefuneEnsemble Duration 14´

chamber opera for flute, clarinet, violin, violonchelo, piano and 2 sopranos (2016)


Libretto by Juho Gröndahl
Duration. 60´

for microtonal septet: flute, clarinet, violin, cello, quarter-tone accordeon,
quarter-tone guitar and quarter-tone piano. (2015)

Written for MikroEnsemble
Duration. 8´

for piano quartet, (2016)


Commissioned as part of winning the Commissioning Composition Competition by Flex Ensemble 
Duration. 12´

for accordion, trombone and tuba (2015)

Camera Obscura

Commissioned by Ella Koura
Duration 12´

for soprano and renaissance lute/theorbo  (2015)


Commissioned by Kaisamaija Uljas.

Duration. 12´

for 2 violins (2015)


Duration. 5´

for alto saxophone and Hammond organ (2014)


Commissioned by Daniel Kientzy and Mathias Leboucher
Duration. ca 5´

for flute, clarinet, violin, violonchelo and piano (2013)

Piñatas, Glitter and Stilettos

1st prize in the Frank Robert Abell Young Composer Competition for New Chamber Music
Duration. 12´

for guitar quartet (2012)

Duration. ca. 8´

for mezzo-soprano and bass clarinet. (2011)


Duration. ca. 13´

for guitar duo. (2009)


Duration. ca. 15´

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for accordion. (2017)


Commissioned by Vincent L’hermet

Recorded by Vincent L’hermet
Duration. ca 6´

for alto saxophone. (2017)


Commissioned by Michele Bianchini

Recorded by Michele Bianchini
Duration. ca 8´

for solo piano (2014)

The fog also dreams

Duration. ca 12´

for bass clarinet and live electronics (2013)

Molinos del pensamiento

Duration. ca 10:30´

for tape. (2012)


Duration. ca. 6´

for guitar solo. (2011-2012)

Tema variado y final

Duration. ca. 12´

for violin solo.  (2011)


For Lea Tuuri 
Duration. ca. 8´

for clarinet solo. (2010)


Duration. ca. 4´

for guitar solo. (2007)

Luz Detenida

Recorded by Nadia Borislova
Duration. ca. 5´ 

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